During Little Hearts Matter’s Awareness Week – 1 to 7 May 2019 – we’re asking YOU to take on The Half a Heart Beat Challenge!

Children with half a heart have a very different heartbeat to that of heart healthy children. We want more people to know about single ventricle heart conditions and what it means to be diagnosed as having half a heart.

The idea is simple… produce a fun, engaging and entertaining video of you creating a heartbeat rhythm, then share it and challenge your friends to do their version of The Half a Heart Beat.

The video can be anything you want – from your family drumming on recycling bins, stamping your feet in time with your work colleagues; to banging kitchen appliances or bouncing basketballs. Here are some ideas here to get you inspired:

The aim is simple too… to raise the profile of single ventricle heart conditions and Little Hearts Matter, the only UK charity that helps children with these conditions and their families every step of their half a heart journey.

Once you’ve filmed your video, share it via your social media channels (not until 1st May though!) using the hashtag #HalfAHeartBeat and remember to challenge your friends to do the same.

Thank you

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