LHM And All That Jazz – Musical Theatre Competition

Chicago, Mary Poppins, my Fair Lady, Wicked, We Will Rock You, Phantom of the Opera and the Lion King are amongst some great Musicals with some great show stopping songs just waiting to be sung by the Little Hearts Matter members.

What better way to celebrate the amazing talent to be found in LHM than to hold a musical theatre singing competition.

Little Hearts Matter is delighted to open up a musical theatre singing competition to all of our members. Children, teenagers, adults, parents and grandparents can enter the competition with the prize, for the best ten singers, to perform live at our night at the musical virtual event on Monday 31st of August.

All you have to do is apply using the application linked at the bottom of this page, submit your 30 second performance (of a musical theatre number from a stage show or musical film) and sit back to see if your performance has been chosen for our live online performance.  Make sure your performance is filmed in the highest quality available to you, consider the lighting and any background noise so that we can clearly see and hear your musical theatre expertise. 

The applications are open until Wednesday 12th of August.


  • Olivia Hutchinson: Musical Theatre degree holder, performer, coach and past LHM youth leader.
  • Charlie Turner: Amateur Musical Theatre performer and LHM youth member.
  • Lexie Katsaitis: LHM Youth leader, event organiser and past song and dance performer.

They will judge all of the submissions over and announce the top 10 performers on Monday 24th of August, giving them time to practice their song of choice .

The Prize will be to perform at our live online Musical Theatre night – LHM and all that Jazz event on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August,  6:30 PM.

Even if you do not get through to the final ten you will get a chance for your performance to be seen by thousands within montages of the application films.

Good luck! We’re so excited for this one!!


LHM and All That Jazz - Registration Form

  • https://www.lhm.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Photo-Permission-Statement-2018.pdf

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    “Thank you very much for Chris' card. I cannot believe he is 18 and am so proud of the lovely young man he has become, overcoming the many challenges we have faced over the years, especially in the first 4 to 5 years. Thank you Little hearts matter for always being there.”

    Thank you to Chris and mum Philippa for sharing this fantastic news with us, we hope this brings some inspiration to the many families out there who are at the start of their half a heart journey.

    With YOUR help, we can continue to support the amazing young adults living with a single ventricle heart today, just like Chris here. All you need to do spare 30 seconds of your time every day to vote for LHM in Persimmon’s ‘Building Futures’ initiative.

    They don’t ask for any details, you simply click our logo on this page; biy.ly/support-lhm

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    So pleased to see Amelia here, DILV, enjoying some cycling along with her sister Evie…

    “We’ve been doing a lot of cycling this week as both girls have grown in confidence. I’m amazed at Amelia’s stamina on the bike, doing much more exercise than she’s ever done. This is the girl that needs a buggy to get home from school (in normal life). She’s found a sport that she can comfortably do. She says she feels free when she’s cycling. That makes me happy and sad at the same time ❤ “Cycling makes me feel free, happy and like nothing is in my way””

    Riding a bike is great exercise for children, teenagers and adults with half a working heart. It helps get you from A to B but is also is supported exercise for the lower body and therefore provides good support for blood returning to the lungs. There are many incentives to help get you on a bike, at the moment.

    Learn more by jumping to our ‘get fit for winter’ resource here: www.lhm.org.uk/information/lifestyle-information/get-fit-for-winter/
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