NEW* Youth Support Volunteers coming to LHM

NEW* Youth Support Volunteers coming to LHM

We know that sometimes being a teenager with half a working heart can make you feel as though no one understands.

As you’re looking towards the future, thinking about further education, work and relationships you may have questions that your cardiac team and youth leader can try to answer but hearing from young adults that have lived through it would be amazing. That’s why we have created and trained a team of young adults with single ventricle hearts to become youth support volunteers!

In February 2020 this team of five young adults will be available for a couple of hours in the evening Mon-Fri to listen, chat to and even talk about their own experiences. They have been working with Lexie our youth leader so that they can offer some support and help young people feel less alone on their journey with half a working heart. The team will begin on Facebook, but eventually move onto our other platforms too!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Our great team will not only be providing 1:2:1 support but some fun evenings of games and quiz’s in the youth social group chat. A great way for our youth members to become sociable and meet other youth members without using up vital spoons of energy. 

Keep an eye out for a timetable being posted soon so you can see when and how our youth members can access this great support. If you’re over 13 and not in our youth Facebook group chats but would like to be just email Lexie our youth leader [email protected] Speak soon Guys!

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