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Hollie Hits the High Notes - Hollie's Blog Part 1


Hi everyone, my name is Hollie Rodgers and I am 10.  My mum introduced me to LHM and the Zipper zone just a few weeks ago and I have read through some of the newsletters.

I wanted to tell you all about an idea me and my mum had to raise money.
I really love to sing and my dad is a singer and knows a lot of music people so I am going to record two songs on a CD and sell it. All the money raised will go to LHM and the Children's heartbeat trust.
I am really excited about going to the studio because I have always wanted to record my own CD.  I am a bit nervous though about lots of people hearing me sing. I have been practicing so much that my little sister who is only 3 knows the song now!!!
After I write this I will also be practicing. I hope to get into the studio next week and my mum will take pics and ill write again next week to let you all know how I get on.

P.s.  peace out...(and you all better buy the CD when it's finished!!!)