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Order our Guess the Teddy's Name pack and get everything you need to raise £40.00 for Little Hearts Matter.
The pack includes:
  • A teddy bear
  • A name sheet
  • A collection box
  • A money return slip
  • Instructions
How to play
Before the game starts pick a name from the list and write it on a piece of paper, then place the piece of paper safely in a sealed envelope. Ask each person to pay £1 for one guess. They can write their details in the box under the name they have chosen. When all the boxes have been filled, open the sealed envelope from earlier to reveal the winner. They win our much loved LHM teddy bear.
Another variation on the game is instead of picking a winner before the game, you write all the names on seperate raffle tickets and put them in a hat. Once all the boxes have been filled, someone draws a name out of the hat to reveal a winner.
Call us on 0121 455 8982 or email us to get your pack now.